Design Milk

The folks over at Design Milk asked me to be a part of their wonderful desktop wallpaper series. They ask each artist to pick a quote that inspires them and to then let that inform the design of the piece. I chose a quote by the late, great Maya Angelou.

Design Milk asked me about my thoughts on the quote:

As someone who creates for a living I think it’s deeply important to be reminded that thinking creatively can be looked at as something that is cyclical. It’s so easy to feel burnt out but thinking of creativity as something that can’t be depleted makes so much sense. There’s no better way to keep your work fresh than by constantly creating (with a nap break here and there). Of course Maya Angelou had it right… she’s Maya Angelou.

Design Milk was so wonderful to work with and I’m really honored to have been a part of the series. You can download the desktops here.