Hillary for America:
Reaching our audience on the internet

Speed was essential while supporting social media in a design capacity during the 2016 election cycle. As the design lead responsible for coordinating with the social media team we would review competition, test formats and begin each day as prepared as possible; a challenge in a notoriously unpredictable cycle.


As we focused on establishing the brand as a campaign we took the time to review every single piece of content we pushed out through various social media channels. It was important to us to make sure we knew what was breaking through and resonating with supporters.

We looked at performance not only by the metrics we would report on from our various platforms but by how much of our content was being adopted by supporters. It was important to us to take notice when supporters were making certain graphics their profile photos or when some of our more creative supporters would start imitating our graphics to push their own messaging about Hillary.

Content strategy

Our cumulative social media audience for the campaign was over 24 million people. What this meant is that we needed to find a way to diversify our content through language and visual style to make sure that we were reaching everyone as effectively as possible.

Having the ability to create unique content for both Hillary Clinton and Hillary for America allowed us the possibility to go deeper on certain issues and reach the correct audience.

Hillary Clinton

The most important part about designing for Hillary Clinton was making sure that every single piece that we designed reflected our candidate. We introduced the typeface Fournier for quotes directly from Hillary as it reflects her: warm, tenacious, and engaging. Value statements were an incredibly important way for our supporters to engage with the campaign, we wanted our supporters to be able to affirmatively share why they support Hillary and this campaign.

Hillary for America

As the voice of the campaign the @HFA accounts were able to be more celebratory both in information and through design. We introduced subtle gradients and a photo treatment that brought in our expanded color palette. The Hillary for America account was warm and playful while still being informative which embodied the nature of the campaign itself and all of the staff that worked to help elect Hillary Clinton.

During the 18 month span we worked on this campaign we created over 6,000 graphics, here are some of our favorites.

Work was done in collaboration with Emmy Bengtson, John Buysse, Diana Fakhouri, Alex Wall, and Alex Witt.