Hillary for America:
Love trumps hate

What started out as a simple 3-word message became a rally cry of the election: love trumps hate. The core values of the campaign were all about warmth and inclusion. In early December 2015, when the other side ratcheted up the hateful language, we knew we needed to respond.

How it began

I worked closely with the social media team to come up with a visual treatment that would give this message the punch it needed. We initially experimented with the symbolism of a heart with the intention of adding warmth to the message.

However, through this experiment we discovered that the message would perform best with a simple treatment that used color alone for pacing.

How it caught on and went viral

The phrase “love trumps hate” quickly became a slogan adopted by supporters all over the country—it was used as a rally cry in protest AND in celebration. People inspired by the words made their own artwork, and candidates up and down the ticket started spreading the message. “Love trumps hate” embodies a vision for America that aligns with everything democrats stand for, and sets a goal for the power of good to overcome the power of evil.

Love trumps hate brand application

Throughout the election “love trumps hate” became one of the campaign’s most popular and prevalent messages. We adapted the design to be seen not just on social media but on placards at events, worn on buttons on backpacks, and even as messaging in video products. Since the final votes have been counted “love trumps hate” has moved on from simply a message to a widespread movement.